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HE 100
Homiletical Expression

This is a laboratory course designed to give the student the opportunity to perfect skills in homiletics and the various aspects of the worship service.

BI 101
Introduction to the Old Testament

This course is designed to give the student a rapid but comprehensive view of the thirty-nine books of the Old Testament.

BI 102
Introduction to the New Testament

This course is intended to give the student a rapid but comprehensive view of the twenty-seven New Testament Books.

BI 103
The Tabernacle Studies

This course will give the student a thorough knowledge of the Tabernacle, the court and furniture, and other materials associated therewith.

BI 104 Dispensations and Covenants

This course will give a clear understanding of the seven dispensations and the eight covenants as they relate to a particular time period and people.

BI 105
Intro to Homiletics/Public Speaking

This subject is designed to deal with the basics in sermon construction and delivery.

BI 106

A study of preordained representative relationships of types found in the Old Testament, which are fully revealed or correspond to their antitypes located in the New Testament.

BI 201 Christ in the Scriptures

This course of study is designed to show that Christ is the central theme of the scriptures and that the events and ceremonies recorded in the Old Testament demonstrates this most profoundly

BI 202
Homiletics II

Designed to further increase the student awareness on sermon construction and how to formulate His ideals. (Prerequisite BI 105)

BI 203
Systematic Theology I

A rapid but careful study of Ecclesiology, Angelology, Satanology, etc.

BI 204
Systematic Theology II

A rapid but careful study of Eschatology, Soteriology, Pneuma-tology, etc.

BI 205
Christian Ethics

A study of the basis for ethical Christian conduct and the factors involved therein.

BI 206 
The Prophets of Israel

This study will deal with the major and minor prophets recorded in the Bible and the various terminology associated therewith.

Th/CE/MI 301

A complete study of the doctrine of salvation.

Th/CE 302

A complete study of the doctrine of the last things.

Th/CE 303
Introduction to Greek

A beginner’s course in New Testament Greek dealing with the sound system and its symbols, vocabulary, grammar. Special charges for foreign languages.

Th/CE 304
Origin of the Bible

This course deals with the origin, history and languages of the original manuscript.

TH 305
Science and the Bible

This course is designed to further enhance the student’s ability to understand the agreement that exists.

Th/CE/MI 305
World Religions

This course will deal with the various religions of the world such as Judaism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity, etc.

Th/MI 306
Church History

This course will introduce the student to the six general periods of the Christian Church and discuss in depth the Apostolic and Persecution periods, etc.

Th/CE/MI 307
Introduction to Sociology

This course is designed to deal with the principles of social structures, social institutions and social change.

Th/CE/MI 308
Introduction to Hermeneutics

This course is designed to further enhance the student’s ability to understand the Bible, by dealing with the basic principles and the various approaches of Biblical interpretation.

TH 309

A study of Revelation verse by verse.

Th/CE/MI 310
Philosophy of Religions

A study of the various arguments involved in theism, such as: teleological, ontological, and cosmological arguments

Th/CE/MI 311
History of the Black Church in America

A study of the American Black Church from its beginning to our modern day.

TH 312
Homiletics III

A study of Homiletical style, delivery, and development of effective communication.

Th/CE/MI 315
Theology of Prayer

This course will cover a Biblically and Theological analysis of the various aspects of prayer and the different kinds of prayer in scripture. Emphasizes understandings of each prayer model as well as encouraging students to develop their own biblically based model of prayer.

CE 401
Basic Principles of Curriculum

This course deals with the various ways of developing a curriculum that will help a school to obtain its educational objectives.

CE 402
Introduction to Biblical Education

The course covers the understanding, the dynamic process of Christian Education and the persons involved therein, how to organize the Church for Christian Education, the school and the contemporary perspectives in Christian Education.

CE 403 
Laws of Teaching

This course covers the seven laws of teaching, dealing with the teacher, learner, language, lesson, etc.

CE 404
Education in Christian Administration

This course is designed to give the student an overview on the administrative methods of Christian Education such as; organization, planning, delegation in administration, leadership, control, coordination, etc.

CE 405
Leadership in Education

This course deals with the various aspect in educational leadership such as; the foundations of church education, leadership characteristics and qualities, leaders as administrator, the director/minister of Christian education, leaders training other leaders, establishing a climate for leadership training, etc.

CE 406
Teaching Method of Jesus

This course will examine some of the methods Jesus, the Master Teacher, used such as parables, hyperbole, metaphor, and the various types of parallelism – antithetical, synthetic, climatic and synonymous parallelism.

CE 407
Teaching the Bible

This course communicates to the student the tools necessary to be an effective Bible teacher. It will teach methods of motivation and ways to challenge the student, principles of Biblical interpretation, types of writing in the Bible, the human element in teaching, etc.

CE 408
Teaching to Change Lives

An in-depth study of the laws in teaching, this course will deal with the law of the heart, the law of encouragement, the law of readiness, laws of activity and the law of education.

CE 409
Practice Teaching

Prerequisite: Completion of junior year in undergraduate work in Christian education. This course is designed to give the student the opportunity to prepare and teach several lessons. The student’s teaching assignment must be written out, informative, challenging and delivered effectively to the class under an instructor’s supervision from the Christian Education Department.

MI 501
History of Mission

This is an introductory course in missiology and is designed to deal with Christian Missions from 30 AD to the twentieth century.

MI 502
Missionary Development

This study deals with the making of a missionary, the qualifications needed, obstacles encountered and the magnitude of the task.

MI 503
Understanding Missiology

This course is designed to give the student an honest and objective view of Christian Mission.

MI 504
Biblical Theology of Mission

A study of the Biblical Foundation of Mission, Delineation, instruments and the dynamics of mission.

MI 505
Missionary Life

A more comprehensive study on missionary preparation, life and the various kinds of work associated with missionary life.

MI 506
Church Planting

A study of Biblical principles to developing a master plan for establishing a church in a new community.

MI 507
Case Studies in Mission

A study designed to give the student an idea of the various problems encountered on the field and how they were handled.

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