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President's Message

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the faculty allow me to take this time to officially welcome you at the start of or continuation of your journey toward edification, equipping and wholeness.

Here at Hugee, know you will be stretched psychologically, emotionally, and biblically. We believe the Bible and in the God of the Bible more importantly. All of our teachers are bible believers and will teach you from that perspective. It is our desire to teach you to see things from a Kingdom of God perspective and your service as honoring the King.

May God bless you in your endeavors and congratulations on becoming all God intended you to become.

Dr. Otis Hugee, III

To Prepare men and women for the work God has called them to do, occupy until He comes

Luke 19:13

Image by Samantha Sophia


Here's our leadership staff

Dr. Otis Hugee |||


Dr. Fred Burrell

Executive Vice President

Dr. Artemus Werts

Vice President and Business Manager

Dr. Arthur Werts

Vice President and Controller

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