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Degree Programs

Associate in Biblical Studies 

10 courses 

Intro Old Testament             Tabernacle

Intro New Testament           Theology of Prayer

Typology                                   Homiletics I

Kingdom of God                     Prophets of Israel 

Christ in all the Scriptures   Science and the Bible

Dispensations and Covenants

Master of Divinity (M. DIv.) 

Pastoral Epistles                Book of Acts

Youth and the Church    Church History II

Revivals                                Evangelism

Church and Marketing   

Church Leadership and Administration

Coursework includes:

25-40 page Thesis Paper

100 Question knowledge test

Bachelor of Theology 

20 Courses 

Biblical Psychology             Systematic Theology I

Christian Ethics                     Apologetics 

Hermeneutics                        Revelation I and II

Romans                                    Bible Origins

Church History I                    Biblical Theology of OT 


 Master of Theology (Th. M) 

Systematic Theology II       Jesus Among other Gods

Systematic Theology III      Soteriology

Advanced Old Testament  Theology of Worship 

Expository Preaching            Ministerial Ethics

Mind of Christ                  Miracles, Signs, Wonders

Coursework includes:

25-40 Page Thesis Paper

100 Question Knowledge Test  

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