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A New Way to Educate

Looking forward to the future....

The goal of education has not changed. Or has it? If the goal is to help individual's who are for Christian colleges and seminary sake, pursuing a degree, then you will still be able to accomplish this even though you may not be in a classroom as often as you like.

But if, you are desirous of provoking thought, bringing change of mind and imparting unto those whom G God has permitted to sit at your feet, then you do not mind Covid or the protocols which are in place. What the pandemic has showed us is that there are many who attend church rote with little to no expectations, these are often those who refuse to show back up in person although they feel safe at Costco, the barbershop, nail salon, move theater, and even the subway!

Educationally, we look forward to having in person classes but the desire to become what God intended must be your superintending passion not simply a degree. All too often we expect people to come to class and then when the storms come and they do not make it past a semester we blame them. Not so! Perhaps our methods needed this unwelcome pandemic so we could rightly discern between what worked and what is not working. 15 week terms is good when you want to pass out a lot of information and have multiple tests but an 8-10 week term is better for knowledge retention and student vibrancy. Students tend to grow weary and tired coming out over a 3 and a half month time period. Not a blanket for all students but some have and do grow weary, many churches have seen the weariness with members even over zoom!

Change is here to stay!!!

Nevertheless, we believe this online model of educating others can work and will continue to pursue it. We look forward to developing an APP which will allow students the chance to study at their own pace as well as have online classes. Such a move will allow HTI to broaden its base and expand its territory to people in other time zones and countries. This will also allow us to offer classes in other languages, the technology is there and must be utilized for even pedagogy. We declare that change is here to stay!!!

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